Monday, 21 February 2011

Preview / Review Mondays # 10

So it would appear I’ve done a runner and abandoned my blog for dead like a hit and run. Not so … I’m back, with a vengeance! Ok, so not quite, more of a pit stop let’s say.

Anyway, so the excuse for my absence? So I don’t have a note from my parents, or a doctors certificate, but take it from me it’s valid one. I won’t bore you with endless apologies, but basically last year has to be hands down the busiest of my life so far… and this year’s already got off to a manic start, 2011 is already fronting up to challenge it’s predecessor, It’s set to be exciting indeed. But before I divulge, I’m gonna give you a rundown of some of my highlights from 2010.

REVIEW – Highlights of 2010

January: Reykjavik
So the year got off to a good start, when I donned a fur coat along with 7 girls and ventured to Reykjavik for the weekend for my sisters hen party. Let’s just say Croydon girls know how to party, I’m not proud of my heritage but goddamn we know how to have a good time, even in minus temperatures.

February: The Perfect wedding.
So being a true romantic, my sister got married the weekend of valentine – Sat Feb 13th was the date. Maybe I’m biased, but my sister and her husband were the most idyllic wedding couple I’ve ever seen. (and being an ex-wedding singer, I’ve seen a few in my time) I was blushing bridesmaid and for old time’s sake also sung a little number at the reception. It was perfect from start to finish, and perhaps one of the best and most proud days of my life.

March: Mardi Gras.
My birthday time - and this year I decided to celebrate it over in Australia. My two best friends were both out there (separately) for two-year jaunts, so I went a-visiting. Sydney Mardi-gras was the first stop, moving down to Adelaide to catch the future music fest and Adelaide festival. Moving over to Melbourne to hang out with old friends from Brighton then back to Sydney before heading home. Fulfilling indeed.

April: Party time.
Nothing significant to report, but a whole heap of clubbing, house parties and drunkenness.

May: OPP Debut.
A continuation of the partying of April, but the end of May saw my debut DJ set at East London’s most desirable lez fest OPP (Other People’s Property). Not only was it an damn-fine night, but my set was dandy too, which has lead on to many more E-London parties.

June: I want Candy.
So June was more work than play, but I played my debut set at London’s Candy bar, having been a long-standing resident at Brighton’s Candy bar it was nice to return for a one-night only appearance.

July: Lovebox.
July’s highlight was def lovebox at Victoria park, just on my doorstep and a formidable line-up of some of Electro’s finest bands, including: Hot Chip, Hurts, Chromeo, Cut Copy, NYPC, We have band, Hercules & Love Affair, Peaches, and of course the legendary Miss Grace Jones, as well as a plethora of Londons finest underground nights and DJ’s.

August: Pride – a deeper love.
The first weekend of August is always Brighton Gay pride, one that I’ve had the pleasure to DJ at every year since my early DJ days. Having moved away from Brighton two years ago, it was an honor to return to my DJ birthplace and play for the promoter who gave me my first ever DJ set back in the day. In August I also attended my first gay wedding, which doubled up as my first ever wedding DJ set. A beautiful lesbian couple, who are friends of mine, it was a wonderful day and real honor to be part of. The end of August saw my debut DJ set at the legendary East London gay haunt, the joiners Arms.

September: Cramming it in.
Sadly at the beginning of September my poor car – Betty did her last journey. After serving me for over 10 years, my little Fiat Punto finally gave up and I waved goodbye as she was towed away. But outweighing the bad, I also graced Berlin with my presence with my best friend (Grace) who returned to UK from Oz for her birthday. On our arrival we headed straight to Berlinfest, where we saw a heap of Electro artists such as: Boys Noize, Hot Chip, Soulwax and Peaches perform in the hangers of a disused Aiport. Mid September my other best friend Claudia returned to UK from OZ, to be best man at my second lesbian wedding, another DJ set and another day I was proud to be a gay. Late September I also headed to Copenhagen for a weekend, a new friend who I’d met in the Summer was staying out there, she invited me to visit her and chill out in her company, the weekend ended up being more romantic than ‘pretty woman’ and my ‘new friend’ soon became my ‘new girlfriend’ 5 months on, were still going strong.. nice one.

October: Night of the Off Key Hat.
The second weekend in October saw my debut stage performance with my long-term band ‘The Off Key Hat’ Having recorded together for several years, with a number of vinyl releases with a variety of labels under our belt, we finally took our recordings to the stage. Fronting the band I was wearing a one-off Alexander Mqueen and a large pout. The end of October, later I rinsed the last days of Sun out of Barcelona with my crew of 10 strong Polish girls and Boys on a short 5 day trip. Finally rounding October up, with a Halloween DJ set at Family Affair.

November: Chromeo-oh-oh
The calm before the Christmas storm, November I chilled out but managed to take in an amazing performance by Chromeo at the roundhouse in Camden. I also took my newly purchased Ford KA for a spin down to Devon, to meet the girlfriends’ big bro and new baby boy, and great news from my sister - I’m going to be an Auntie for the first time!!!

December: Ding Dong Merrily on High.
As always December was a crazy month work wise, 12 hour DJ sets and more Mariah Carey than you can stomach. I did break this up with some sterling dirty DJ sets, starting with Flashmob @ Visions early December, and throwing out some dubstep at ‘Other Peoples Twats’ the most talked about lesbian warehouse party so far. I was also lucky enough to take see the vocal powerhouse Jocelyn Brown at the Jazz Café. Rounding off the year with the perfect family Chrimbo with my Girlf & my folks at my sisters in the country. Seeing the year in with a DJ set at Tiger Tiger.

What a blinding year it was!

PREVIEW – Highlights of 2011

Shockingly we’re already 2, nearly 3 months into the year and already lot’s to write home about:
The second week of January ‘The Off Key Hat’ released our first Digital EP with our new record label ISM. It stormed to no1 in Juno’s download chart and has been creating quite a stir.
Check out Junos review
If you want to hear what they’re talking about you can listen to the EP on our soundcloud:

Coming up shaking EP (ISM records 2011) by The Off Key Hat
and can download at Juno:
or Itunes:

We all love a good free-bee so here’s one from me to you. We recently recorded a cover of Artic Monkeys – I bet you look Good.

I bet that you look good on the dance-floor (Artic monkeys cover) FREE DOWNLOAD by The Off Key Hat

So the end of January, I returned to Berlin, this time with my girlfriend and 7 friends in tow, to celebrate our friends 21st. Trust me when I say it was cold, but fun-packed.

Another fun-packed month it was. I returned to Copenhagen with my girlfriend to celebrate our friends 40th birthday in style, let’s just say champagne was a plenty and we were in the presence of not one, but two of Copenhagen’s heart-throbs, one from todays pop world and another from yester-year.

To show I’m not just a one-trick musical pony, I also took in some more traditional music and culture in Feb. Two trips to The Royal Opera House with my girlf, the first to see Mozarts ‘Die Zauberflöte’ (magic flute) and the second (call me a romantic) a breath-taking valentines day performance of Swan lake.

So what else is in Store for 2011?

March: The Big three-Oh dear god.
So this year I’m hitting the big three zero. It’s never ok to ask a lady her age, but if she offers simply smile and say ‘wow I would never have guessed, you look much younger’ and here’s where I blush and say ‘Thank you’. So of course I’m celebrating in style, organizing a little warhousey type party, with a selection of my fave DJ friends on the decks. I’m then heading off with my girlf to Cape Town to take in a breath of South Africa air, where my aforementioned best friend Claudia is currently residing. Sundowners over table mountain, should be a good way to gracefully wave goodbye to my 20’s.

April: Substitute Satisfaction.
So the first two weeks of April I’ll be in Cape Town. On my return I’ll be spinning my debut DJ set at ‘Dick and Fanny’ on the 16th April. And The Off Key Hat will be hosting our album launch party on the 30th April at The Star of Kings Cross.

May: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.
so the 9th of May is the proposed date for the official release of Off Key Hat’s album, which will be available for download, vinyl and for the first time as physical CD too, a momentus occasion indeed! I’ll also be returning to Copenhagen once again with my good lady, to play DJ at a warehouse party. And the last weekend in May, I’ll also be jetting off to New York for the first time, for a wedding and to see the bright lights.

June: Woman from Auntie.
So my sisters little peanut is due to pop out some time in June and auntie duties will consist of babysitting, changing nappies and bottle-feeding, all a first for me, but in my 30th year it’s about time I learnt some mothering skills.

That’s just the first half of the year, who’s to know what else will crop up and present itself, but one things for sure, it’ll be exciting - Watch this space. So come on then 2011 you fucker, gimme all you got!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Introducing - The Off Key Hat

Hmmm it’s been quite some since my last post. Yes. I do have a good excuse however: I’ve been working hard as well as fitting in various weekend jaunts to foreign lands, attending festivals, DJ-ing at various weddings, entertaining overseas visitors, taking in the odd bit of sunshine, but mostly rehearsing with my band.

I may have briefly mentioned my band in very early posts. We’ve been together a few years, but worked on just recordings and productions. The album is finally finished and is going to be released early next year on Yam Who’s label ISM. In the meantime we’ve put a live set together and have our first gig this Saturday night at Plan B in Brixton for ISMs own night.

We’ll be gracing the stage around midnight as the headline act.

Here’s a little album teaser for you to check out, but come down and see us in person!

Friday, 27 August 2010

Daily Dose - Bumpy Ride

One-a-day keeps the doctor at bay. Your musical dosage:

It’s Friday.. AND it’s Carnival this weekend, so I thought I’d give you a carnival inspired Friday tune.

Now in my last post I gave you the Chuckie remix of this song, it’s hot. But I just stumbled across the official video of the original. Its terrible, I love it.

It’s released on October the 3rd and something makes me think It’s gonna be the new ‘Kevin Lyttle – Turn Me On’… coupled with the fact that it comes with it’s own dance routine, It’ll be like the modern day Cameo Candy.

See for yourself… Happy Friday!!!

That’s all folks – Enjoy!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Daily Dose - Long overdue

One-a-day keeps the doctor at bay. Your musical dosage:

Seeing as I’ve not posted any music for a while, I thought I’d give you a few tracks to make up for it.

The first of which is a dirty little track that came out in June and I literally can’t get enough of it. Siiiiiiick. I’ve played it out a few times, and every time goes with a bang!

This is just a small sample, I highly recommend downloading ASAP! It’s available on Beatport and other DJ Download sites.

Yeah! Woho! - Hit That Organ (Peo De Pitte Remix)
Yeah! Woho! - Hit That Organ (Peo de Pitte Remix) by Yeah! Woho!

This second track doesn’t slap you in the face quite as much as the last, it’s more of a progressive builder. Really hot atmospheric synths to start but then it drops like a biatch!

This ones available to download direct from the soundcloud!

Mohombi – Bumpy Ride (Chuckie Remix)
Mohombi - Bumpy ride (Chuckie remix) by DJCHUCKIE

The next track is a little remix of an old classic. I might even go so far as to say it’s possibly one of the sickest tunes I’ve heard so far this year! My mate introduced me to the Cottonmouth a few days ago via their facebook page, and the rest of their stuff is def worth checking out too.

And this banger of a track is also available as a free download on their soundcloud!

SLK - Hype Hype (Cottonmouth Dubstep Remix)

SLK - Hype Hype (Cottonmouth Dubstep Remix) !!!!FREE DOWNLOAD!!!! by Cottonmouth

The next track is produced by a force to be reckoned with, Steve Aoki and Afrojack. It’s not got a release date yet and you can only her a rip from a DJ set, but when It finally comes out. It’ll be huge.. everyone’s waiting for it.

Afrojack & Steve Aoki - No Beef

My next track has had quite a hype about it and has just been released for download on Itunes. Produced by Dubstep Gura Benga, it was originally an instrumental track called Man on a Mission. Katy B has just put some fine vocals over the top and released it as her debut single ‘Katy B On a Mission’ I think she is and I’m pretty sure this is gonna be a stormer of a track and probably the first of many from her. (oh and this track was introduced to me by dj friend Katy ‘Ace of’ Brace, who despite the name suggests isn’t the vocalist on the track)

Katy B – Katy on a Mission.

The final track I’m gonna give you today is another banger that I rekon is gonna be huuuge. Produced by Redlight .feat Ms Dynamite. Now Ms Dynamite was laying low for a while but her comeback tune Wile Out with Zinc was Amazing, and this one I think is even better, I think Dynamite is hear to stay. Love this tune and the Video is awesome too. It’s not out until 30th August, but you can pre-order on Itunes.

Redlight .feat Ms Dynamite - What you talkin about?

That’s all folks – Enjoy!

Preview / Review Mondays # 10

Wow ok so it’s been way too long since I last posted something. Whatever I’m a busy girl ok. Summer is hectic, fun times to be had. There’s been Gay prides, Warehouse parties, the odd festival and various other exciting shin digs, most of which have all been worthy of a mention, but I’ve been far too busy attending and DJ-ing at things to write about them - Soz.

Alas the party hard / work hard ethos finally caught up with me this week as my body finally crumbled under it’s own sleep depraved liver failure and told me to rest. I’ve been laid up in bed with tonsillitis, the type that leaves you dribbling in a pit of your own sweat and hallucinating, which despite many kids taking drugs to induce the same effect, was not fun. Anyway, it induced me get back on my blog and throw some tunes out there to be listened to. Share the love.

I’m not gonna backtrack on myself and talk about nights I’ve attended. But I will mildly dwell on a couple of worthy gigs I’ve played at which def deserve a shout out. Firstly last week, I got to play at Gay Bingo hosted by Johnny woo and presented by Koochooloo. Mr Woo is quite the man about town, so it was a real pleasure to share listings with him, it was also a pleasure to finally share the decks with Musiclovemakers (although only the female half of the duo) who I’ve been raving about for time. Was a fun gig.. check out the photos HERE on the Most Cake.

Heres a little one of me (left) and Maddie of Musiclovemakers (right) for those who can't be arsed to go look!

Well after a lovely time on the decks together at Gay Bingo, Maddy of Musiclovemakers asked me to play a little set down at the Joiners last night. This was a huge honour as anyone who regularly reads my blog won’t fail to notice how much I’m always banging on about Sunday nights at the joiners. Twas fun indeed - Thanks Maddie!!!

Right moving on..


It’s yet ANOTHER bank holiday weekend. The last of the Summer though. But lot’s of things worthy of attendance. A Toss up between South West Four festival in Clapham, L:E:D Festival in Victoria Park and Nottinghill Carnival! Plus a couple of rather spliffing club nights:


SAT LINE UP: Armin Van Buuren, Erick Morillo, Sasha, Pete Tong, Laidback Luke, Alex Metric, Chris Lake, Timo Garcia, John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules, Gareth Emery, Mark Knight, Benny Benassi, Dirty South, Funkagenda, + MORE
SUN LINE UP: Fatboy Slim, Salt-N-Pepa, Armand Van Helden, Zane Lowe, Steve Aoki, Herve, Kissy Sell Out, Uffie, Carl Cox, Dubfire, Layo & Bushwacka. M.A.N.D.Y, Vitalic, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Switch, A-Trak, DJedjotronic, Skream & Benga, Katy B, Andy C, Miss Dynamite, Caspa, Plastician, Jack Beats, + MORE

FRI LINE UP:: Guetta, Soulwax, Calvin Harris, Axwell, Ingrosso, Tiga, Bloody Beetroots, Audio Bullies, Afrojack, Zombie Nation + More
SAT LINE UP: Leftfield, Goldfrapp, Friendly Fires, Aphex Twin, Annie Mac, Sub Focus, Shy FX, Professor Green, Die Antwoord, Zinc + More


As an addition to the Carnival Red Bull are hosting a Party:
DJ’s: Major Lazer, David Rodigan, Joker, Drop the Lime, Poirier, Sticky, Douster + Secret Guests.


Flashmob @ Vogue Fabrics
DJ’s: Larry Tee, Musiclovemakers, MDMX

Paridase by Caligula & Circus @ Café De Paris
DJ’s Roisin Murphy, Kim Ann Foxman (HALA) Jodie Harsh, Warboy, Kris De Angelis, Robert Outch, Erol Sabodash
Performing: Andre J, Scottee,


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Daily Dose - KIDZ IN SPACE True Tiger Remix

One-a-day keeps the doctor at bay. Your musical dosage:

I know, I know, I've been pretty shy with the posting of late. I've been busy having a lovely old time in the sun, can you blame me. Hopefully this belter of a tune will make up for it. Another one from the boys at Earmilk, some dubstep nastyness, it's Sick, I love it. It comes out on the 9th August.


Friday, 16 July 2010

Preview / Review Mondays #9

So it’s not Monday and I’ve not actually posted anything for ages. Sorry, I’ve been busy being busy and all that nonsense, let’s just say I have a forthcoming album in the pipeline but that’s for another post.

Anyway, I’m not going to dwell too much on the review section of this post, basically I’ve been too busy to party hard and have only made minor appearances at a few nights, nothing to write home about. I did venture along to the Twat Boutique birthday the other week, it was as smashing as I expected, Beth Ditto even showed up. My literary skills won’t do it as much justice as The Most Cake, so head there for a little review and some rather lovely pics.

I should point out, the most cake isn’t about baking, although it is rather tasty. It’s basically a low-down on all the decent gay girlie things going on in London and lot’s of splendidly written gay anecdotes, worth a peek if you’re that way inclined.

I’m going to provide a little extra info on this section for a change.

Firstly LOVEBOX. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you may not know it’s Lovebox festival this weekend. I’m lucky enough to have Victoria Park perched on my doorstep, so quite frankly it would be rude not to attend. This year, Lovebox has kindly extended their lovely festival by an extra day, so is now Friday, Saturday AND Sunday (Friday being the addition) a three day enviable line-up, with a veritable feast of live acts, old and new to provide an aural eargasm.

Friday is more ghetto, crunk, Dubstep, brap brap with the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Chase & Status, MJ Cole, Crookers, Sinden, Doorly etc. A Few indie bands thrown in for good measure, but mainly expect it to be muthercrunkin.

Saturday is more of a mix of stuff, but mainly expect Indie-disco some old skool Hip Hop and some housey stuff. With Roxy Music headlining and Empire of The Sun, Paloma Faith, Grandmaster Flash, Norman Jay, Jazzie B and lots more making appearance.

Sunday: In my opinion (and pretty much everyone I know) Sunday is bar far the best day this year. Sunday Lovebox has always been known as the chill-out day, but that’s defs not the case this year. Pretty much every artist on the Sunday bill is a must see. The legend that is Grace Jones is headlining, preceding her is Hot Chip, Peaches, HALA, Chromeo, Cut Copy, NYPC, We Have Band and loads more, as well as tents hosted by almost every decent (Gay) East London club night including; Wet Yourself, Trailer Trash, Wish, Horse Meat Disco and Disco Bloodbath.. Sunday is most definitely Gay Electro Day.

If you only go to one Festival this year, make sure it’s this one and if you can only make slash afford one day, make it Sunday. It’s possibly the best event of my calendar for the entire year, I’m bursting at the seams with excitement.

Lovebox is having a number of official ‘after parties’ including Sunday Wet Yourself vs Trailer trash at Fabric. But a number of unofficial parties have cropped up too. And the best of the bunch is most certainly Twat Boutique Warehouse party Featuring Peaches & Crystal Fighters. Ok so this is the second mention of TB in this post and not that I’m showing favouritism or anything, but basically it’s a bloody good night, nuff said, come along.

AND because I haven’t posted any daily Dose Music up for a while Here’s 4. One from each Headliner listed above.

Dizzee Rascal – Fix Up Look Sharp

Roxy Music – More Than This

Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper

Peaches – Talk To Me

And a bonus, because this is genius:

Peaches Fuck the Pain Away sung by ms Piggy